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Reported to be one of the most haunted place in the U.S. the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis has been the site of tragedy after tragedy for the Lemp family who at one time prospered from a booming brewery.
Click on the first photo below to read an article about the Lemp's history.

 Although the Lemp does have a tragic past it's present is rather unexciting.
The Lemp like many other bed and breakfasts have found it trendy to associate a ghost with their business, which now helps supply tourism to what would otherwise be just another delapidating building.
What would have been interesting would have been an investigation of the cave system that runs from the brewery to the mansion, however we were unable to accomplish this.

  Click on the Picture to the left to read an article about the Lemp.

Old Lemp brewery

[icture of Lemp Mansion Exterior

Picked up some unusual EMF readings in this room